Friday, August 23, 2013

Post submitted by first-year student, Curtis '17.

            Today Team Avengers took off on their last adventure for The 1742 experience. It began with a rainy and very humid morning breakfast at 7:15 sharp to be followed by a stroll on the bus to Calypso Elementary School. Here, like earlier in the week, the Avengers had to implement the 7 steps to success in this school as well, but in a different way. A bulletin board was to be erected so that the entire public could see it. After burning edges of yellow paper, far too much glitter glue and sequins and mathematics by our very one Gautam '17, the Avengers had made a giant 3D treasure map of the 7 Steps to success for all to enjoy. Afterward, with garbage bags over their bodies to protect them from the rain, they walked to Trinity Episcopal Church to work in the soup kitchen where anywhere from 100 to 150 people are served lunch within an hour’s time. They organized, unpacked and served food for these people with many smiles.  They even were able to try the very meal they were serving to their customers- it was very good, of course. After leaving the soup kitchen with a realization of appreciation for the necessities they may take for granted, they had embarked to the Bethlehem Area Public Library Main Branch where they would clean many toys, organize books, take old tags off books and begin making ghost and bat cut outs for the upcoming months activities at the library. Some of them even followed the librarian into the allergy ridden basement to dust and tidy up items down there. After all was done, they had finally finished the day’s tasks. Though it was the last day of service for the community, it was filled to the brim with projects for the Avengers to conquer. 

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