Thursday, August 22, 2013

The post below is from team leader, Jenn '14.
On Tuesday, Team MOCO (Team B) spent the morning planning an activity for the following day's service at Moravian Village, a retirement community in Bethlehem.  We worked together to plan a skit for the senior citizens that focused on the stereotypes of our generation.  We focused on the following stereotypes:  the reality tv wannabe, the nerd, the Southern Gentry, the hipster, the cheerleader/valley girl, and the jock.  We decided to focus the skit around the idea of a talk show, so we had two co-hosts, and an audience.  

Following that, we did a couple of team builders and ice breakers to pass the time before we enjoyed our lunch.  We worked together to form and undo a human knot.  The team worked really hard for about twenty minutes before we all decided that we were not going to be able to undo the knot.  After we unattached our hands, we realized that it was because we were in two groups and were literally tangled!

For lunch, our student coordinator Sam '15 delivered wraps from Johnny's Bagels, a local shop on Main Street.  We enjoyed our lunches in the courtyard in the HUB. 

After lunch, our team travelled to the Kemerer Museum to do some landscaping work.  We were immediately put to work pulling out weeds and helping the make the outside appearance of the museum look fantastic!  We finished up the work they had planned for us, and were even able to start some work out back.  By the time we left, there were close to no weeds!

Around 4:00, Team MOCO went for a walking tour of Bethlehem with a woman from the Historic Bethlehem Society.  We learned a lot about both Bethlehem and Moravian's rich histories and where our school and city's roots came from.  Then we walked to Broad Street to enjoy our dinner at Hello Burrito.  After our exhausting day, we enjoyed a few games back on campus, while bonding with the other team.  

As a team leader, I feel responsible to announce how absolutely incredible my team is to work with.  Everyone works so hard and so diligently, and they don't even stop for breaks.  The members all work so well with one another and are so respectful.  I could not be happier to work with this select group of incoming students, and I am even more excited to see and hear about how they grow as student leaders at Moravian College!

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